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In today’s internet-driven world, SEO has become essential for a business’ online success. According to a recent survey, 50% of marketers consider SEO to be their most effective digital marketing tactic.

For this reason, web designers are increasingly developing sites that feature the best search engine practices. These practices — such as reducing load times, creating descriptive URLs, and optimizing for mobile devices — help brands rank higher. They also help businesses thrive in other ways that include:

Optimized Pages Get You More Visibility

You are more likely to attract potential customers if you use SEO-friendly layouts. By optimizing your pages the right way, you make it easier for users to find your site. Consequently, your web rankings may skyrocket.

What’s better is that optimizing pages gets easier and consumes less time once you get used to it. Simple techniques, such as including keywords in your pages’ titles, can make a huge difference in your ranking.

Improved User Experience

Your site’s UX can have a huge impact on your conversion rates, and it’s easy to see why. If users can’t navigate your site with ease, they’ll lose interest and go to a website they enjoy navigating.

On the contrary, a responsive site encourages visitors to continue surfing. It offers them a seamless experience, inviting them to remain on your website for a longer time.

The longer people browse your site, the higher your chances of getting more visibility. This indicates to search engines that visitors find your content helpful, prompting them to boost your rankings.

Having an SEO-friendly website with an intuitive design provides your business with an important platform to succeed. However, the problem is that optimizing your site for SEO while still making it user-friendly can be a challenging task.

That’s why you need to hire a reputable web design company. Such a company can help your business capture more eyeballs, all while retaining visitors. You’ll be able to avoid the crummy navigation that comes with poor web designs.

To top it off, your customers may better understand your brand and website, besides exploring it more easily.

Higher Social Media Engagement

Integrating SEO into your website’s design doesn’t boost your visibility in search engines only. It also gets you more attention on social media.

The best part about the latter visibility is that it can bring more results than paid ads. For example, a single share appeals to other potential consumers because it comes across as a personal recommendation — as opposed to a cold, forceful advertisement.

A few tweaks can make it easier for visitors to share your content to other platforms. Such tweaks include placing widgets strategically to showcase your popularity on social media.

You can even get more results if you get a respected industry expert to link to your content. Your site will get recognition from a huge audience, opening its doors to thousands of potential customers.

That said, even though your site may not reach the first pages of Google through social shares alone, it may get more awareness. And as you know, more awareness translates to more high-quality traffic. Search engines are then tempted to boost your site’s visibility.

It Gets You Ahead of Your Competition

It’s no secret that more and more marketers are leveraging SEO as their leading digital marketing strategy. After all, 61% of marketers consider boosting their SEO crucial in building their online presence.

Your competitors, too, are probably using search engine techniques to attract more online visitors. So if you’re skimping on your SEO efforts, you may be falling behind other brands building their authority in your niche. By creating an ideal strategy, you can avoid playing catch-up and even leapfrog them in search results.

One way of moving ahead of other sites is by focusing on long-tail keywords rather than short-tail. When designing your website, you can double-down on more descriptive keywords. This way, customers looking for services such as yours can find you easily. You’ll also cater to users who use voice search. And as research shows, they’re slowly increasing.

Also, a thorough competitor analysis can give you insights into what works with your target market. You can find important information — such as keywords used, articles length, and ideal layouts — that can help your content reach more consumers. You can reverse-engineer the tactics used by successful brands. If you use them correctly, you can outperform these sites.

Impressive ROIs

When it comes to targeting an online audience, most business owners have one problem. They give up on their SEO efforts if they don’t get tangible results in the first few months.

Yet, as research shows, implementing SEO techniques properly can generate tons of revenue for your company. Here a few statistics that prove the value of SEO for your business’ bottom line.

  • According to Bright Edge, organic search captures over 40% of business revenue.
  • Bright edge also claims in the same study that 18% of local mobile searches result in a purchase on the same day.
  • SEO is significantly cheaper than paid ads in the long-term. And according to Search Engine Watch, consumers tend to ignore paid ads 94% of the time, choosing organic search results instead.

You shouldn’t see SEO as a tactic for driving sales immediately. Instead, consider it a long-term strategy that’ll bring more traffic, convert more leads, and win you more business down the road.

Ideally, aim to stick with your plan for at least 6 months before expecting any increase in your returns. Your results at the beginning may be worrisome. But if you keep at it, you may start to see your company thriving.


As we’ve seen in this article, designing your site with SEO in mind can provide your business with tons of perks. You may struggle to win more business if you don’t optimize your site for search engines, no matter how well you design it.

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