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Converse All-Stars sneakers are cool and amazing. Everyone wears them, and you should not be left behind. If you cannot afford an original pair, you can still rock with replicas. Just check out cheap Converse shoes on AliExpress and get yourself a high-quality resemblance of the authentic Converse shoes. 

While originals may cost you anywhere between $1000 and $1500, you can get cheaper ones of almost similar quality at a fraction of the price. These legendary sneakers have stolen hearts since the early 20th Century and are still getting increasingly popular with age. Below are some of the reasons why Converse shoes are not leaving the fashion scene any time soon. 

They are associated with the famous 1923 basketball player, Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor, AKA Chuck Taylor was the pioneer of the All-Stars sneakers. The player was receiving sponsorship from the Converse Company. Taylor was highly involved in designing and promoting his shoe, which gained popularity fast among basketball players, then soldiers and athletes. His success in making the shoe a popular brand-led Converse to include his name on the shoe’s ankle. The original shoe was brown, with black trim and a thick rubber sole. 

They have stood the test of time

Converse is iconic. While fashion can change from one day to the other, the All-Stars sneakers have maintained their popularity, even with their simple but classic design. 

They are versatile

The world is headed toward minimalism, and nobody wants to carry a load of luggage anymore. Having a pair of Converse sneakers is one way to achieve that purpose. You can mix and match your sneakers with different styles of sports clothes. You can also use the shoe for a variety of sports and leisure activities including skating, baseball, basketball, and Olympics. These shoes are great value for money. 

Resistance to wear and tear

One of the main features of the Converse shoe is its sturdy rubber sole. This shoe can last decades. If you got one during your childhood days, it probably is still there. 

They can be tailor-made

Converse high-end sneakers are tailored to fit your feet perfectly. If you keep them clean and in top condition, you will always look like you are wearing them for the first time. Even the not so clean pair still has its charm. The shoes are made from canvas, allowing you to exercise your creativity by drawing in them anything of choice. If you would like a highly customized shoe done from scratch, you can get your preferred detail boiling down to specific colors done for you. 

The Converse has also made a leap from sports to streetwear, so you can step out in it as part of your daily fashion wear.  As much as Converse is a worldwide name, it is a shoe at the end of the day. What matters most is comfort and not price. If you are careful about spending your money, why not go for a high-quality replica of the All-Stars Converse shoe?

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