Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

Nikola Tesla was a 19th-century scientific genius. We all still benefit today from his many inventions and his contributions to the science of electricity. He was an eccentric, shrouded in mystery and historical intrigue. Did the secret service really steal his ideas? 


The Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine takes you on a journey through time into Tesla’s underground laboratory. While you try your luck on a modern variant of the classic slots game, you’ll see Tesla’s inventions come to life across the pay lines.


The gameplay is eerie and dramatic, with a sense of mystery. Brought to you by Rabcat, the graphics and overall authenticity of this game are beautifully executed. The visuals are stunning, and the art deco styling gives the game a classy, period drama, feel.

A Journey in Time: How to Begin 

Available across multiple platforms, you can enjoy the thrill of the spin on your desktop or through the mobile app. Just load up the game and be wowed by the beautiful gameplay, imagery, and fluid playability.


The incredible machine pays out across 25 lines on five spinning reels. The game aims to spin winning combinations of Tesla’s incredible inventions. Creating special combinations will win bonus game features to light up your free spin counter. 

Special Features 

Various unique features make Tesla’s incredible slot machine stand out from the crowd. These include:


  • Wild symbols – Landing a Wild will boost your winning pay line combinations by replacing all other symbols on your reels – other than Free Spins, Scatters, and Level-Ups.


  • Free Spin Scatter – 3-5 Free Spin Scatter symbols anywhere on your board, gives you 8-12 free spins as a gift. 


  • Level Up Symbol – Before any free spin takes place; a Fixed Wild is set in the center of the reels. If you land a Level-Up symbol during this time, you’ll be rewarded with an extra Fixed Wild. You can end up playing with 5 of them!


Hitting Energy Bursts massively increases the intensity of the game by stacking the center reel with three like-symbols. This will result in one of a trio of features being triggered alongside free spins. If you stack regular symbols, you’ll receive three bonus spins, stacking Tesla inventions that earn you five extra spins. 


  • Wild Substitutions – Try your luck with a random symbol as your bonus icon. 


  • Reel Clone – Spin 3 reels with the same fixed symbol configurations on them.


  • Exploding Wild – Spin your reels with 2-3 symbols selected randomly to replace your Wild Symbol.

Light up the Pay lines 

Players with any size of bankroll can enjoy Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Slot Machine game. The wager amount ranges from as low as €0.25 right up to €70 but comes at the default setting of €2.50. So if you’re feeling flush, you can bet at the level you wish. 


This game has a competitive RTP of 96.22% and a low volatility rating, ensuring that you will hit those all-important special features a high proportion of the time. If you’re sliding your bets up to the maximum every spin, which would be a little reckless, you’re in with a chance of winning 4100x your wager, totaling around €164,000. It’s worth a go at least once, to test your luck out. 


It’s suggested that a 100-200 spin per session strategy works best to trigger Tesla’s special features, giving you winning combinations all over the reels. There’s a Tesla style conspiracy that the free spins mode will appear around every 102 spins (shhh it’s a secret)! 

A Final Thought 

This recently released game is the first collaboration between powerhouse Yggdrasil and cool Rabcat studios. It’s a breath of fresh air in the slots market, delivering a noticeably superior gameplay experience.


It’s an on-trend theme, and cult-status background story creates an enjoyable yet slightly dark and eccentric twist to the old classic. The old-school electric feel and glowing, valve style graphics pay homage to Tesla’s most notable contributions and a knowing wink to his devout supporters. 


The development team has kept this slot energetic, yet managed to pace it well enough to tell the story. Through its interplay of fine details and thrilling features, this game has asked some questions about the competition. This is a very well thought out slot.

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