Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

It’s amazing to think that a third of all computer viruses that exist were created between January to October 2010. Almost a decade later and computer viruses are still a threat to small businesses all over the world. These viruses cost businesses across the globe a staggering $55 billion each year.

You’re never short of options when it comes to choosing virus protection for your small business. However, the issue is finding the right antivirus that guarantees ultimate protection against malware threats.

You don’t have to be an IT expert to know how important antivirus is for your business. Every business owner wants nothing but the best for their enterprise. The same also goes for the type of antivirus they choose.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting eight amazing tips to help you pick an antivirus for your business.

1. Look for Reliability

You want to get a solid antivirus that’ll never let you down, especially when you need it most. Remember, the integrity of your IT setup rests on the antivirus you opt for. Your entire IT department could crumble if the antivirus fails

A reliable antivirus is one that:-

Regularly updates– Your antivirus should have regular software updates to keep up with new malware threats. Hackers and unscrupulous coders keep coming up with new viruses to exploit security loopholes. Without consistent updates, a new virus may compromise your computers’ security.

Automatic scans– Automatic scans mean regular anti-malware scans to ensure your computers are always protected. The antivirus must allow you to schedule these scans after a period of your choosing.

Avoid conflicts– the antivirus shouldn’t cause any conflicts within your IT setup. This means that your antivirus shouldn’t prevent other business software or essential files from opening.

2. Search for All-Inclusive and Comprehensive Protection

A good antivirus can protect against common cyber threats. A great antivirus, on the other hand, protects from all kinds of computer viruses. This means it can identify and delete worms, spyware, Trojan horses, rootkits, and the likes.

Apart from viruses, the antivirus should include firewall protection, VPN capability, and protect the business against ransomware. Most hackers target businesses with ransomware to try and extort money from them.

The antivirus should have a couple of layers of protection to guarantee complete computer security. In short, you should look for an all-in-one antivirus protection.

3. Choose an Antivirus That’s User-Friendly

You should never overlook the usability of the antivirus you settle for. Remember, not everyone in your company is an IT expert or even just good with computers. Everyone from the secretary to the head of IT should be able to use the antivirus with ease.

Even casual users shouldn’t have a hard time dealing with the antivirus. Note that, when a virus infects a single computer, it could spread to all the other computers via the network. So, everyone needs to be able to use the antivirus comfortably to ensure the safety of all computers.

4. Look for Great Customer Support

What do you do when you’re having trouble installing or using the antivirus? Your best bet is to contact support and see how they can help you out. If contacting support is frustrating, then you might have the picked the wrong antivirus

The antivirus must also have various channels of communication. However, most importantly, they must have a working hotline. That way, you can communicate your grievances with ease in the event of any emergencies.

Some antiviruses have the live chat support feature, which is just what the doctor ordered for fast and real-time customer support. You can tell the antivirus’s customer support from reviews online. However, if the reviews sound fake, then they probably are.

5. Affordability

Good business is all about cutting cost, because the lower the expenditure, the greater the profits. However, when it comes to antiviruses, you may end up getting what you pay for.

A free antivirus isn’t such a good idea, especially for business. The limited capability of free antiviruses may leave your business vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks. As a business, you should find a good affordable subscription antivirus that works for your situation.

You don’t have to pay extravagant monthly charges for features you don’t need. Make sure you match the needs of your company with the price. Also, consider the pricing model, whether you have to pay per computer with the antivirus or a flat rate every single month.

While the antivirus is a business necessity, it certainly shouldn’t be a financial burden. Make sure you find the best deal for the antivirus and explore all your options first.

6. Your Computer’s Pre Installed Antivirus Doesn’t Cut It

The antivirus that comes preinstalled in your computer isn’t enough to protect your business. Although it seems reliable, there’s not much a pre installed antivirus can do against virus threats. You’ll just have to get a third-party software for guaranteed protection.

However, note that there are no third-party antivirus apps for iOS. However, you can follow this link https://setapp.com/how-to/antivirus-tips-for-mac to learn about a few antivirus tips for macOS.

7. Try Before You Buy It

The antivirus should allow a free trial period before you have to purchase the entire package. An antivirus with a trial period means the company is confident about the product they’re offering. However, the most important aspect of free trials is you can actually get a taste of the product before spending your hard-earned cash on it.

Keep Your Business Safe by Choosing Virus Protection

Only you can determine how safe your business will be against malware threats and breaches. Hopefully, the above tips will be invaluable in choosing virus protection for your small business. Now, you can be confident in the safety of your company’s data and IT setup.

Remember to consider all your options before settling on an antivirus. While you’re at it, make sure you check out all the other informative pieces on the site.

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