Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

if you are suspecting any typo error here, you are highly mistaken! The price of the iPhone 12 Pro is US$ 20,500 (₹15,35,000) if you really want to buy one.

No, this is not the official price of iPhone 12 Pro as Apple is yet to spill the beans on specification or price of iPhone 12 Pro – the device which is scheduled for the launch later this year.

Apple iPhone Pro is price tagged with $20,500 by Caviar – a Russian smartphone maker popularly known to customize and create the luxury version of premium and ultra-premium smartphone likes of iPhone and top-end Galaxy phones.

The company has already started taking preorders of iPhone 12 Pro with the customization and look that would easily make eyes popping out. The offered iPhone 12 Pro is made of gold and comes with eight brilliant diamonds and Russian national style decals.

Caviar has a wide range of offerings with iPhone 12 Pro. If you have deep pockets and want to settle nothing less than the top of the line iPhone 12 Pro, you will have to spend an additional $600 to buy 512GB variant of iPhone 12 Pro at US$ 21,100.

A lot many of you might be thinking it nothing but a bizarre offering by Caviar. And if you believe that the company ends up selling just a very few numbers of iPhone every year, then let us surprise you; The demand for such ultra-luxury iPhone is really huge. The company has been selling such highly customized iPhones for the last few years and serves a mind-boggling number of customers every year.

While the preorder of iPhone 12 Pro is already upon the caviar website, it’s obvious that you can’t get it before Apple releases it officially. At present various variants of iPhone 11, Pro, and iPhone Pro Max is currently available on the website to buy. The full gold version of the iPhone 11 Pro is available for $66,070 (₹49.5 lakh).

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