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HONG KONG, June 29, 2020 — The new update of VideoHunter for Mac brought an amazing feature to enable more convenient downloading service to users – to download the whole playlist with only simple clicks! VideoHunter has been a reliable video downloader for many people. The continuous enhancement of the program aims at improving the stability as well as efficiency to boost the user experience. But this feature is still not available on the Windows version.

In its former version, VideoHunter only supported to download single videos one-by-one. Although it has offered the batch download features and sped up the downloading speed to be 6X faster, some people considered that the lack of playlist download feature was still a pity. So in this version, VideoHunter added the playlist download feature, though it is only available for downloading playlists from YouTube.

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By comparison, VideoHunter for Mac has two special functions, making the program to be more multifunctional.

Video converter – an extra converter is offered for providing local video/audio files conversion service to switch them to 20+ mainstream encoders and mobile-supported formats.
Playlist download feature – one click to save all video clips from one single playlist at once.

“We didn’t mean to separate the development of VideoHunter Mac and Windows versions. These features will all be added to Windows very soon.” Answered Wilson Kendal, the founder of VideoHunter, when he was asked whether the differences between VideoHunter for Mac and Windows would be disparity due to the existing differences.

“VideoHunter will always strike for providing the most user-friendly video downloading functions to all its users, regardless of Windows or Mac systems they are using. We would try our best to explore more convenient features and add them to the program for meeting more users’ demands.” Wilson added.

About VideoHunter

VideoHunter continues on enhancing better online video downloading services to people. In the future, it may discover and launch more user-friendly video solutions, providing a set of comprehensive services for catering to this multimedia age. For more information, please visit VideoHunter official website for help.

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