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There are so many bloggers present today. They have much interest in blogging. But sometimes they lose their motivation for blogging. There can be so many reasons behind this. It may be if a blog remains unsuccessful for a long period of time. Sometimes desired results do not come out of it. All this results in the demotivation of the blogger. But you should not give up. It may take some time to get success. You can achieve what you want. Now I am going to tell you how to motivate yourself for blogging when you are feeling demotivated.

1. You should do blogging for yourself

If a blog is written for the readers then it is good. But by writing for yourself you can attract a huge audience. While writing a blog if some other person’s style is copied by you then it is not good for you.

The voice and identity of the blogger are reflected in his blog. If a single person is getting help from your blog then it is very good for you and you should not worry if a huge audience is not seeing your blog. You should continue writing the blog and follow your niche always.

If you think that there is no use to write a blog on a subject that has been used so many times and a lot of people have written on it, then you are wrong. The reality is some new people trying to use the net come every day. While searching on the net he may find your blog and it is a possibility that he starts liking it. In this way, your authority is built by you.

2. Write about the basic things first

 If in the beginning, you are writing on a topic that is so much advanced then it is a mistake. If you want that your audience should always show interest in your blog and remain connected with it then you should put that content in your blog that your audience may like. The content should be easily understood by them.

Let us assume that your topic is SEO plugins. Before publishing your blog, you should ask some questions from yourself:

(i)What are your feelings if you find affiliate links present in your blog?

(ii)Ahead of your basic content, have you included some other content related to it?

(iii)Does your audience know about the importance of SEO? Have you guided them about this?

You have to formulate a strategy that can be used in writing the content. You should start writing about simple topics first and then move to some popular and difficult topic later. In this way, if a new person reads your content then he can easily understand what you are trying to say. Then by doing some advancement in your content you will increase the number of people reading it.

3. You should not be materialistic while writing a blog 

Your basic aim of writing a blog should be to share knowledge. A blog should be written with a purpose and that should be to make the people take interest in the blog. It should not be done only to increase the readers and earn money. You will feel motivated if some positive comments start coming and you will not stop writing the blogs.

You should take blogging as your passion. It can take some time to find the people whose thinking matches yours. They will definitely read your blogs. The purpose of blogging should not be to earn money only.

4. Do not think about social networking 

A factor that can demotivate you while writing a blog is social networking. The reader will not like to read your blog if it contains information about your visit to London. It is because he himself would like to go on a visit to some good place. So, you should not continue to update the information on your trip on social media. It can distract the reader.

If you are interested in putting information about your visit then you can put it on social networking sites. If you think that you can increase the number of readers of a blog by sending links on social media then you are not on the right track.

You should start commenting on the content that is similar to yours. By doing this you will get a lot of traffic and you will feel motivated.

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