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There are a number of apps you can download on your phone to help you with wellness and your health—you might be surprised at just how many you can find with a quick search. However, it can be difficult to know which apps to try out—that’s where we come in!

We’ve compiled a list of seven of the best wellness apps, and you can find out what they are below.

1. Headspace

Are you into meditation? Whether it’s something you’ve never tried before or you’re a seasoned pro at getting ‘in the zone,’ Headspace has a range of different meditations to fit every need.

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, improve yourself as a person, or simply get better sleep, you’re sure to find something on this app. You can even set up Chromecast Mac and experience it on a bigger screen.

If you’re in a hurry or want to have a quick time out from life, there are plenty of little meditations taking no more than a couple of minutes. Likewise, there are a lot of longer meditations too, if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial.

It’s been around for about 10 years now and has consistently been one of the top-rated and frequently-downloaded wellness apps out there.

2. AllTrails

Fitness and wellness apps often go hand in hand, as it’s a well-documented fact that exercise and keeping fit can boost your mental health. Why not give AllTrails a try, and see if it works for you? The app gives you thousands of potential trails and routes you can go on, with a GPS tracker too—you won’t get lost here!

Whether you feel like running, hiking, or getting on your bike, you’ll find something on AllTrails. You can look at trails next to your home, or further afield if you’re looking to keep fit while you’re traveling or on vacation.

You can also follow friends and keep track of your achievements, giving you a sense of community and family as you exercise.

3. Sleep Cycle

We all love to sleep, but it can be harder for some people to sleep well than others, for a variety of reasons.

There are quite a few different apps out there to help improve your sleep, but we think that Sleep Cycle is the best of the bunch. Whether it’s getting to sleep, staying asleep, or having good quality sleep that you struggle with, Sleep Cycle is here to help you out.

Through analyzing both your movement and sounds throughout the night, Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep cycle, so you have a better idea of how your sleep works.

It also aims to wake you up when your sleep is at its lightest, so you won’t wake up feeling quite as disorientated and exhausted.

4. My Possible Self

If your mental health is what you’re hoping to keep in check, My Possible Self is one of the best personal wellness apps to download. It allows you to track various emotions, which you can see in charts formed over time.

This way, you can identify any possible triggers or causes of mental health struggles.

If there’s a particular issue that you’re looking to address—take a big life change or bereavement, for example—you can try the various modules available on the app.

They’re designed to help you tackle your problems, and you can use them at times that suit you best—there’s no pressure!

5. HabitMinder

Does it sometimes feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? We can start to feel stressed, so this is where apps like HabitMinder can come in.

If you realize that you’re neglecting things like exercise, meditation, and eating and drinking healthily, wellness apps can keep you in check.

Essentially, HabitMinder is your digital to-do list; simply choose the habits you’d like to focus on, and set your goals. Once you’ve done this, you just need to keep track of your progress by updating the app when needed—simple, right? Work towards completing each goal, and feel proud!

6. Shine

This is another app that focuses more on the mental health and self-care side of things, but it’s just as useful as the others we’ve mentioned here!

Each day, it’ll aim to get you off to a good start by sending you various messages and affirmations, and you only need to work on the app for five minutes each day. If you like, there’s the option to work on various challenges, too. These take a week at a time and feature daily podcasts, helping you to reduce anxiety and control your breathing.

The app is full of audio guides, podcasts, and posts to help you manage your anxiety and mental health. It’s like having your very own virtual life coach living in your smartphone!

7. Deliciously Ella

While there are a lot of food-based health and wellness apps, we’ve gone for Deliciously Ella as our top pick. You might be familiar with the popular British food blogger, but even if not, you’re still sure to find this app useful.

Eating healthily is something we can often struggle with, so why not let this app find some amazing recipes for you? With over 300 different recipes—all plant-based—you can find something to suit every palate here.

If you’re gluten-free or looking for minimal sugar intake, you’re in luck, while everything here is vegan-friendly too.

Whether you’re a strict vegan or just looking to incorporate a little more plant-based goodness into your diet, you can’t go wrong with this app!

Finding the Best Wellness Apps For You

These might the best wellness apps in our eyes, but maybe you’re looking for something else—there are so many apps and resources available that you’re sure to find something right for you. There are apps to help you cut down on your smoking or drinking, apps for yoga, period-tracking apps, and almost everything else, so keep looking!

If you’re looking for more tips on looking after your body and mind, check out some of our other posts.

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