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Msn Startup Company will offer quality new motorcycles and motorcycle parts to the growing market of motorcycle users. 

Business plan

The plan of Msn Startup Company is to invent new types of motorcycles called Msn that will fit the consumers in the market. The objectives of the company will be to capture the majority of the motorcycle customers and also provide the customers with superior services at a low price.

Mission/ vision statement

Homework Help mentioned the mission of the company is to become the primary resource for a new motorcycle and motorcycle parts in the area.

External factors.

The business of the new company will be affected by some external factors. The external factors that will affect the MSN business include the demographic factors where this represents the population of the region. Another external factor is the legal and economic factors of the company among other factors.

SWOT analysis.

Swot analysis is one of the most effective means of evaluating the status of the company in a market. Swot analysis involves analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business.  The SWOT analysis identifies external strategic factors that contribute to the success of the business. The SWOT analysis of the Msn Startup Company is as follows.


One of the strengths of the Msn startup company will be expertise in custom motorcycle production which will provide a strong brand image. Msn motorcycles will also enjoy the brand image provided by the company’s expertise in designing new types of motorcycles. Another strength that will be enjoyed by the company is the strong customer base. The company plans to establish a strong customer base. This will be a strength for the company.


Msn weaknesses will be based on the limited focus that the business will have. In this element of SWOT analysis, the internal strategic factors that can prevent the company from maximizing performance come into play.  The weaknesses of the Msn Startup Company will include the narrow product mix, the limited product reach since the company will be based in one region before the expansion. The other weakness that the company will have will be a limited supply chain. The weaknesses of the business will be preventing the company from reaching more market segments. To support the national and global growth of the business, the company will be expected to apply strategies that will assist in overcoming the weaknesses.


The opportunities of the company will consist of external strategies that can facilitate the growth of the motorcycle business. The opportunities for the company will include product diversification an alliance with a complementary business. Complimentary business, in this case, will include the selling of motorcycle parts and gears.


Threats that will be facing the company will include aggressive competition, imitation of the company’s products, and the increasing preference of electric motorcycles. The threats reduce the company’s performance, and it is, therefore, important for the company to explore strategies that will give them a competitive advantage.

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